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GDM - A Force to be reckoned with........

Since it's inception in 2003, GDMG specializes in consulting and providing specific military solutions for the armies in the Gulf and Africa. We have professional experience of over 10 years in the sales and procurement of military equipment. We work in close collaboration with leading international partners using the latest technologies. Our company has developed real expertise in providing solutions for the specific needs of each department in the army. We have particular interest in the excellence of consulting services offered in the region. The key objective that we have set for the past 11 years is to become the single reference in the field for the introduction of advanced technology systems and military solutions to the Gulf region and Africa. We make every effort to achieve this goal and provide the best integrated and advanced solutions for all sectors within the army.

Mobile Hospitals

Complete base camps are provided with all our military expeditionary shelters, including power generation, heating, cooling and protective air filtration systems in order to make them practical, functional, safe and secure.

Our Shelter applications also include the following:

  • Aircraft & Vehicle Maintenance Shelters

  • Chemical / Biological Decontamination Shelters

Medical Equipment 

Each product we sell has a defined role. We provide innovative solutions to the operators to ensure that they have everything they need to cope with the most critical situations. Our medical devices are intended to assist the warfighters in their mission by providing the best instruments to treat the wounded and save their lives.

Command Posts

Our systems fully meet the needs of military and emergency responders thanks to the ability to deploy in any environment at any time, when required. Each of our systems use modern room technology with the possibility to integrate and use the latest communications technology. They are also quickly and easily removable if a sudden need to move is necessary.

We offer complete packages for Company, Battalion and Brigade. Each package is composed of a selection of:

  • Video Display

  • Support Equipment

  • Tactical Furniture

  • Cables & Cable Managment Items

All the items are specially packaged for easy transport and protection when not in use. Products are durable, simple to use and will deliver the performance and functionality required for expeditionary missions. 

Our systems are fully suitable to support and face all types of situations in operations centers, ranging from small tactical units to large combatant command levels.

Military Portable Power Generators

GDMG is dedicated to help its customers in accomplishing successful missions thanks to it's unique superior quality power generation solutions. 
Our products include a full range of military power generators, power distribution products, custom solutions and cargo trailers for all kinds of applications, especially engineered to fit easily into various systems for optimal flexibility while respecting strict performance and sustainability requirements.

We always keep in mind the special needs of our customers when we shape each product as evidenced by our signature product, the Generator/ ECU trailers, used today by all branches of the U.K. and UAE military. GDMG meets the power requirements by integrating specific systems or designing a solution for unique applications. We can supply any product in order to carry out the mission to completion

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